On June 5, 2019 the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed and Accepted changes to the 2014 Carroll County Master Plan.  This begins the formal public review process.  This public comment period is open for the next 60 days, concluding with a Public Hearing at the August Planning Commission meeting.  These changes include:

    1. General:
      • Boundaries of all maps adjusted as result of contraction of Designated Growth Area (DGA) boundary in 2018 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan (FCCP)
      • Updated maps to reflect Municipal Growth Area (MGA) annexations/Master Plan updates in Hampstead, Manchester, Mount Airy, Taneytown, and Westminster
    2. Chapter 7: Transportation
      • Updated Tables and Maps for Planned Roads and Improvements to reflect roads that have been removed from the plan, roads that have been completed, roads that have been partially completed, new roads added and roads that changed
      • Enhanced Transportation Recommendations
    3. Chapter 13: Environmental Resources
      • Updated text to cite appropriate updated code references
      • Insertion of section on Solar Energy, including two new recommendations
    4. Chapter 16: Land Use & Growth Management
      • Update of text and table statistics because of contraction of DGA boundaries in the Freedom area
      • Update text and tables because of removal of Very Low Density (VLD) designation
      • Update Future Land Use map and added new section regarding Municipal Growth Areas (MGA), to clarify the policy regarding development in the MGAs.
    5. Appendix B: Existing and Future Land Use Definitions
      • Updated land use definitions to be consistent with the 2018 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan
    6. Appendix C: Generalized Future Land Use
      • Added map that shows the Future Land Use in all areas of the County


Review the Amended Plan PDF

Review the Detailed Amendment Summary

View the Amended 2014 Carroll County Master Plan Map 

View the Interactive Map (Existing Land Use/Future Land Use/Zoning)

For more information or questions regarding the Plan, please contact the Department of Planning at ccplanning@carrollcountymd.gov or by calling 410-386-5145.