The Carroll County Department of Planning is working on a comprehensive, county-wide bicycle-pedestrian master plan. The Plan will focus on the transportation aspects of bicycle-pedestrian movements, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities. It will also Adopt the Planning and Zoning Commission Certified 2014 Freedom Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan & Assessment by reference.


"Carroll County is a diverse community made up of suburban centers, towns, rural areas, places of recreation and heritage destinations that are well connected in a safe and efficient manner to enable recreational choices and transportation options."

Accepted Document

On May 29, 2019 the Carroll County Planning & Zoning Commission Accepted the 2019 Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan. Please use the form, located under the “Get Connected” tab, to submit comment.

Staff Contact:

Clare Stewart, cstewart@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-5145.