Acceptable items can be dropped off at the Northern Landfill's Recycling Center during hours of operations (Monday -Friday, 7 .am. to 4:30 .p.m., and Saturday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Acceptable Items: Computer Speakers, Central Processing Units, Computer Mice and Keyboards, Cell Phones, DVD players, Stereos (no wood) PDA's, Printers, Power Supplies, Laptop Computers, Scanners, Computer Cables and Cords, and Miscellaneous Circuit Boards, Chips and Cards.

Unacceptable Items (Dispose as trash): Computer Monitors, Televisions, Console Televisions, Wooden Stereo Speakers, Software, Kitchen/Bathroom Appliances, Paper/Cardboard, and Styrofoam.

Bureau of Solid Waste/Recycling Operations