Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I need a Building Permit to replace my deck boards or railing on my existing deck? "

If any structural members, guardrails or stairs are to be replaced, a permit is required. Replacement of only the deck boards does not require a permit, but it is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

"Do I need a permit to install a fence? "

A permit is not required however fences that exceed 10 feet in height would require a review of the design by the permits office prior to installation. Fences shall be kept out
of any County easements and back from the roadway's edge as to not impede the site distance for motorists thereby allowing them to safely navigate and enter the
If you are located within a municipality, please contact them directly for any specific requirements within their town’s limits.

"Does a pre-built shed that is delivered to my property need a Building Permit? "

One story detached accessory structures on skids and movable, used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and other similar uses, provided the floor area is not greater than 150 square feet, do not require a permit. However, contact Zoning and Health Department for setback information from property lines, easements and well/septic systems. A permit is required for pre-fab sheds greater than 150 square feet.

"Do I need a permit for an inflatable pool? "

Storable swimming or wading pool-those that are constructed on or above ground and are capable of holding water to a maximum of forty-two inches, with non-metallic, molded polymer walls of inflatable fabric, regardless of dimension are exempt from permits. This does not exempt the pool from the safety barrier requirements.

"What type of permit is needed for a new driveway entrance apron? "

If you intend to install a new entrance onto a hard paved County roadway, a permit is required and shall be installed per the Carroll County Department of Public Works Requirements. A $700.00 bond is required to be posted before the building permit can be issued and will be refunded upon completion of the entrance.

"Do I need a permit to install new siding, windows, doors or new roof? "

No, unless construction or repairs involving structural elements is needed to enlarge openings or to repair structural damage. Bedroom windows should meet the egress opening requirements and tempered glass should be installed in the proper locations as outlined in the code.

"What type of plumbing work needs a plumbing permit? "

All plumbing work requires a permit. A permit is also required for the replacement of shower and tub diverters, tub or shower units, and for complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling. 

A permit is not required for the following: 

Replacement of existing sink faucets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, toilets, electric hot water heaters, and shower heads.

"What type of gas installation requires a gas permit? "

All gas installations require a permit with the exception of replacing a gas fireplace, range or generator, which will be replaced in the same location.

"What type of electric work needs an electrical permit? "

All electrical work requires a permit except for the replacement of existing fixtures (fans, switches, receptacles and lighting), the installation of a single circuit(maximum 125 volt, 20 amp) that contains a single device and low voltage wiring of 50 volts or less.

"When is an automatic fire sprinkler system required to be installed? "

All new one and two family residential homes and rebuilt homes after 2006 and dwellings where the accumulated refurbishment, renovation, or alteration affects more than 50% of the structure’s total area, in which case the refurbished, renovated, or altered portion of the structure shall also have sprinklers.

"Who should be listed on my permit as the contractor? "

The listed contractor will be responsible for code complying construction and must hold a MD State registration license for new home construction, Maryland Home Improvement Commission license for home improvements (MHIC) or MD State contractor’s license for commercial work. If a property owner or tenant wishes to be listed as the contractor, a license is not required; however, you will be solely held responsible for code complying construction.

"How do I obtain permit history information for a particular property? "

Submit a request through the Online Public Information Request form, and the information will be sent to you within ten business days unless otherwise notified.

"Can I apply for and perform my own electrical and plumbing work? "

Yes, a homeowner can apply for the permit provided the property is personally occupied by the owner as listed on the State Assessment website.