Carroll County Roads Operation Gravel Testing

Carroll County Roads Operation Gravel Testing

The Department of Public Works, Bureau of Roads Operations (DPW) has been reviewing options to improve road surface stability while reducing both routine and emergency maintenance on gravel roads throughout the County and is ready to test three options (CementTreated, Cement-Treated/Double Chip Seal Combination, Double Chip Seal). Said options will be tested on +/- 1500’ (+/- 500’ for each test) sections of the gravel roads, listed below, that have been identified as challenging to maintain by our Area Roads Chiefs. Test areas will be evaluated quarterly for one year to determine the best and most cost-effective solution to address the aforementioned issues.

1. Road Maintenance Area: John Shirk Road between driveways 1507 and 1616
2. Road Maintenance Area: Baughman Mill Road between the two sections of railroad tracks
3. Road Maintenance Area: Bethel Road starting at 5701 south to 5754

"What is the purpose of the gravel road testing?"

The Bureau of Roads Operations is attempting to use the best product at the least cost to provide gravel road stabilization and prevent potholes by testing three products on three gravel roads located throughout the county. 

"How long will the road be closed?"

Weather permitting the road will be closed for three weeks.