The Carroll County Department of Public Works maintains approximately 974 miles of roadways within Carroll County. Not all roadways within Carroll County are maintained by Carroll County. The following is a list of roadways that are maintained by Carroll County. Should you have any questions regarding this list or these roadways, please contact the Bureau of Roads Operations at 410-386-6717. This list will be updated yearly.

Numbered roadways such as Maryland 140, Maryland 30, and Maryland 26 are maintained by the State Highway Administration. They can be contacted at 410-848-6565.

Roadways that are within the incorporated municipal limits of the towns and cities are maintained by the respective towns and cities. Contact information for these towns and cities can found here.

Frequently Asked Question:

I live on a roadway that has a white sign with black letters. Does Carroll County maintain this roadway? Carroll County does not maintain this roadway which is sometimes called a Use In Common driveway ( U.I.C.). Typically, when the name of a roadway ends in "Drive" it is owned by each of the properties that use the roadway or have an agreement to use it.