Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The purpose of the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board is to study and determine the park, recreation, and open space needs of the County and serve as an advisory body providing recommendations to the County Commissioners on matters pertaining to the planning, programming, evaluating, and funding of park and recreation facilities and programs.

Current Members

Ms. Kristen E. Darby - 1st Full Term - December 31, 2024
Mr. Gary Davis - 1st Term - January 31, 2027
Mr. David Ferguson, Chair - 1st Term - December 31, 2024
Mr. Austin Johnstone - 1st Term - April 30, 2025
Mr. Donald V. Gerkin, Jr. - 1st Full Term - December 31, 2024

Mr. John Woodley - 1st Term - October 31, 2027
Ms. Nadine Rosendale - 1st Term - January 31, 2027
Ms. Anita Taylor - 1st Term - December 31, 2024
Ms. Megan Vaughn, Vice-Chair - 1st Term - January 31, 2026
Ms. Lynn Karr-Kratz - 1st Term - March 31, 2028

Board of Education Representative:
Mr. Michael Duffy

Ex Officio:
Bob Hicks

The membership of the Board shall be eleven (11), one of whom shall be a representative of the Board of Education of Carroll County. All members shall be endorsed by the County Commissioners before appointment.

The term of office of the Board members shall be four (4) years with the Board of Education member being reviewed each year. A term is limited to two (2) consecutive terms.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Minutes