2023 Volunteer of the Year Award




Joseph Dragan 

Joe joined the Equestrian Council in 2004 and currently serves on the Board of Directors. He spent 31 years with the PA State Police Tactical Mounted Unit and 15 years with Carroll County Government. Joe’s volunteer work includes clearing trees from trails, mowing/trimming, making repairs at the Equestrian Center, helping with fundraising and promotional events or in other words, anything that is asked of him. Always willing to help someone with a problem horse, Joe believes that when working with a horse, if you treat a horse with a gentle hand and a lot of patience, it will come to trust you and it will do anything you ask of it because it wants to, not because it is forced to. We recognize Joe for his contributions to the Carroll County Equestrian Council.

Joe said “I saw what Mark Schmidt was doing to keep the trails open and wanted to help…Union Mills Trails are easy for me to access…it’s my backyard. If you don’t know how you can help…just ask.”

Joe continues to assist in mowing and trail maintenance on a weekly basis. His commitment is admirable and is now recognized.