2022 Volunteer of the Year Award




Joe Hild

The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Joe Hild as the Volunteer of the Year for 2022.

A trail rider for many years, Joe saw the need to help with the trail maintenance in the Union Mills Area. He purchased his own brush mower and other trail clearing equipment to help re-establish the historic trails on Spiegel Hill. In addition, when the trails were hit with a devasting storm on 07/12/2022 that blocked almost every trail with downed trees, Joe spent over 80 hours working with the Hashawha staff to reopen the trails within a month. Anyone who saw the damage would not have believed it was possible to have the trails re-opened within that time.

Joe said “I saw what Mark Schmidt was doing to keep the trails open and wanted to help…Union Mills Trails are easy for me to access…it’s my backyard. If you don’t know how you can help…just ask.”

Joe continues to assist in mowing and trail maintenance on a weekly basis. His commitment is admirable and is now recognized.