2022 Volunteer of the Year Award




Eric & Tally Myers

West Carroll Rec. Council has chosen Eric & Tally Myers, Coordinators of the West Carroll Youth Rugby Program, as our 2022 Volunteers of the Year. Eric & Tally have dedicated countless hours, months and years to the betterment of children through the sport of rugby. They have created a wonderfully inclusive community of families that has given children an environment to thrive physically, socially and emotionally. There is never a task too big or too small that they won’t give every ounce of themselves to give our families the best experience in the program. They have touched hundreds of lives through their dedication to the club. Even while battling personal challenges, they always find time fo the club to make sure all the details are covered and the highest of standards are met. Our players and families have experienced extreme generosity and kindness through our time with Tally and Eric that will have a lasting impact for many years to come. They are an inspiration to all of us involved with the Marauders.