2022 Volunteer of the Year Award





Larry Holston

This past year marked Larry’s 20th year supporting the WSYO program, even though his daughters aged out of our softball program years ago. In addition to having coached for multiple years during the past two decades, he has also served on its Executive Board of Directors for much of that time. Larry has been the primary person responsible for the care and maintenance of Mayeski Park. Every week of the year he is at the park, multiple times, – repairing equipment, working on the fields, handling deliveries, improving and repairing the pavilion and concession stand, installing fixtures, signs, locks, and anything else that needs to be either added, repaired or replaced. Larry also prepares and handles our program's annual self-help submissions, manages any third-party contractors doing work at the park, and coordinates with WRC and the CCRP as well as SCHS. In addition to all of the above, Larry also manages the concession stand for the travel softball tournaments that we host each year. Larry handles all the shopping and stocking of the concession stand in the week leading up to the tournament, then works in the concession stand on Saturdays and Sundays, arriving at 5 am and staying as late as 8 pm each day. Larry’s effort also directly benefits and supports other programs such as baseball, field hockey, football, and soccer at Mayeski Park and he additionally has assisted with other WRC programs at other parks and fields. His dependability to handle all of these responsibilities is a key reason our program and other WRC programs continue to thrive. He does the work of 4 people, every day, year after year.