2022 Volunteer of the Year Award






Tracey Schaub

On Saturdays in the spring, Tracey Schaub can usually be found running around the MAYAA ballpark while baseball games are going on. Tracey is the current Mt. Airy Youth Athletic Association baseball commissioner, the mother of two players in the league and the wife of a coach. It is most certainly a family affair for the Schaubs.
Tracey Schaub began volunteering with MAYAA when her oldest son started playing tee- ball in the spring of 2015. She slowly became more involved as a tee ball coach, tee-ball coordinator, volunteer for the league and finally, commissioner. She has held this position for the last year and continues to serve in this role.
MAYAA baseball is growing in numbers each year, beginning under the leadership of Scott Nelson and continuing today. In the spring of 2022, there were over 450 tee-ball and baseball players in the program and more than thirty teams to coordinate. From scheduling to uniforms, fundraising to field allocations, Tracey is involved in all aspects of helping to nurture this growing baseball program. And it doesn’t stop with spring ball—MAYAA has a strong fall baseball program with year-round planning and fund-raising activities.
Tracey works closely with MAYAA softball, football and cheer, as well as the other sports under the MAYAA umbrella. As a league, she is one of many committed volunteers who work tirelessly to help the program grow and thrive.