Westminster, MD, Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Carroll County is accepting new members for several boards and commissions. Citizen participation is critical to the success of local government and Carroll County Government needs residents’ skills, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Advantages to joining a board or commission include making a difference in your community, helping facilitate positive change, gaining new skills, making great connections and learning more about how your local government works.

For more information, including any required qualifications, please see the links to each board below. Residents can apply for membership on the county’s website.

The Carroll County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC):  Oversees and works to preserve the historical, architectural, and archeological purity of the Historic District of Uniontown by hearing applications for construction, alterations, reconstruction, repairs and moving or demolishing any property within the Historic District Overlay. The HPC approves applications for work permits submitted by its residents pertaining to alterations/repairs or new construction on a property. The HPC meets monthly to hear these applications, for approximately 30 minutes-1 hour dependent on how many applications were received that month. If there are no applications to be decided on, the HPC does not meet. HPC members must reside in the county and have a demonstrative special interest, specific knowledge, or professional/academic training in fields such as history, architecture, architectural history, planning, archaeology, anthropology, curation, conservation, landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban design, or related disciplines. For more information, please contact the Carroll County Department of Planning at 410-386-5145.

Electrical Licensing Board:   The County Commissioners of Carroll County are authorized to provide for the licensing of electricians proposing to engage in the electrical business in Carroll County.  The authority for the appointment of the Board is found in Section 3-701 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Section 97-5 of the codebook.  The County Commissioners adopted the rules and regulations pertaining to the licensing requirements for all persons, firms or corporations engaged in electrical work in Chapter 97 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Ordinances.

Local Management Board:  To lead collaborative efforts that advance the well-being of all children, youth, and families. The Carroll County Local Management Board (LMB) is composed of public and private community representatives who share responsibility for implementing a community-based, inter-agency delivery system for children, youth and families

Aging & Disabilities:  The mission of the Carroll County Commission on Aging & Disabilities (COAD) is to represent the Bureau of Aging & Disabilities to advocate for the needs of Carroll County’s older adults, individuals with disabilities, and Veterans to ensure they receive the highest level of service, assistance, and programs.

Transit Advisory Council:  The mission of the Transit Advisory Council (TAC) is to advocate for and assist with the implementation of the Carroll County Transportation Development Plan (TDP).

Residents can apply online at https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/boards-commissions/ or contact the Boards & Commissions Coordinator at volunteerboards@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-2043.