Carroll County Housing and Community Development's current Annual Plan is available for review: See the current Administrative Plan here.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Provides rental assistance to income-eligible applicants helping them afford a better place to live or assist with paying a portion of the monthly rent where the family currently is living. A family consists of one or more household members. Household income must meet federal income guidelines. For detailed information also see the HCV Fact Sheet on the HUD website.

  1. Application: The family completes the preliminary application placing their name on the waiting list. Apply on our web-based application, or in person. You may also download our application and mail it to our office at 10 Distillery Drive, Suite 101 Westminster, MD 21157.
  2. Selection Policy: The selection policy is based on date and time of application. Preference is given to those who reside or work in Carroll County, then those who reside in Maryland, then all others.
  3. Waiting List: Current wait time is approximately 30-36 months for county residents. If you would like to check on the status of your application please go to
  4. Enrollment: When the family's name reaches the top of the waiting list, an enrollment packet is sent to the family for completion, an interview is scheduled, and eligibility is determined.
  5. Certification: If determined eligible, the family attends a briefing session where information is provided on how the Program works and how to obtain housing suitable to the family's needs.
  6. Housing Selection: The family finds housing within 120 days that meets HUD's Housing Quality Standards and allowable rent limits. The family's present dwelling may qualify or, under the program's portability option, the family may find a unit within or outside Maryland, provided a Housing Choice Voucher Program exists in that jurisdiction. If you would like to search for affordable housing on-line, we encourage you to do so at ; ;
  7. Negotiation: The family comes to an agreement with the landlord on lease terms.
  8. Agency Review: The Housing Agency evaluates the lease and inspects the dwelling to determine if they meet Program standards.
  9. Approval: The Housing Agency determines approval or disapproval of the lease and unit.
  10. Program Participation: Upon Agency approval of the lease and unit, the Housing Agency and Owner enter into a contract on behalf of the family for the unit.

**Please note that this can be a very lengthy and complicated process at times. While you are waiting for housing assistance from our agency, we encourage you to conduct your own search for housing. You may begin by using the Department of Housing and Urban Development's search page at, or an on-line search using the websites provided above and by referring to our provider list of available rental options in Carroll County.

Voucher Portability Feature

If you already have a voucher in another jurisdiction and would like to move to Carroll County, you may be able to do so using the Portability process. You must provide our contact information (found on our home page) to your current housing agency, which will send us the proper paperwork to initiate the process. If you have questions about this, please consult your current housing agency, or contact our Intake Specialist at 410-386-3622.

Thrive: A Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) by Carroll County

Do you want to plan for your future and successfully support your family? Do you want to learn how the Bureau of Housing can start and build a savings account for you? Are you interested in one day owning your own home? The THRIVE Program helps families with Housing Choice Vouchers connect with resources for education, training, and employment. To learn more about this voluntary program for voucher holders, click here. You can also contact the Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator at 410-386-3627.

First Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers programs are designed to increase the homeownership rate, especially among lower-income and minority households. Please refer to the housing Counseling Services above and the Family Self-Sufficiency program.

Family Unification Program

Special rental assistance is available to families at risk of children being removed from the home and/or reunited with parents (by Dept. of Social Services). Limited availability.

Domestic Violence

Special rental assistance (limited) and counseling available to families experiencing domestic violence. Please contact Carroll County Children & Family Services at 443-865-8031.