The Department of Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was established officially on October 1, 2020 with the passage of Ordinance 2020-06 by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Department is codified under Title III, Chapter 37 of the Carroll County Code of Ordinances. 

The Department of Fire & EMS is led by Chief Michael W. Robinson who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the County Commissioners. The department has its headquarters in the County Office Building (C.O.B.) at 225 North Center Street in Westminster. Chief Robinson has an extensive background with combination Fire/EMS systems and retired as a Deputy Chief after nearly 33 years with the Baltimore County Fire Department.  He has been involved as both a career and volunteer chief over his 46 years in the fire service and has held numerous leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels.  He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is nationally credentialed as a Chief Fire Officer (CFO).  He is also a licensed Maryland Paramedic and Emergency Services Instructor. 

The Department of Fire & EMS is a developing organization and provides administrative oversight to the 14 Volunteer Fire/EMS stations of the county. In partnership with the CCVESA (Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association) governance is provided through a participative management process. In the near future, the county will initiate the hiring of career (county) employees who will staff paramedic level ambulances (medics) In 13 of 14 stations as well as fire apparatus driver operators to assure 24/7 expedient coverage to all areas of the county.  Additionally, there will be an expansion of our EMS quality assurance program as well as training and safety initiatives. We will seek increased standardization through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and administrative policies.  Our development will be incremental over several years to be fiscally responsible and attentive to the ongoing needs of the county. 

It is the goal of the Carroll County Department of Fire & EMS to work alongside of the volunteer departments and to enhance each of them through staffing and fiscal resources.  The volunteers are the mainstay of the system and their dedication, service and commitment allow for efficient and cost-effective fire & EMS throughout Carroll County.  We are always ready to serve your emergency needs!  We welcome any comments or concerns from those whom we serve.