The permit requires Carroll County to continue to implement a public education and outreach program to reduce Stormwater pollutants. Outreach efforts may be integrated with other aspects of the County’s activities.

10 Things You Can Do to Help Prevent Stormwater Runoff Pollution

  1. Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep up driveways, sidewalks, and gutters
  2. Never dump anything down storm drains, into ditches or streams
  3. Vegetate bare spots in your yard
  4. Compost your yard waste
  5. Use the least toxic pesticides, follow labels, and learn how to prevent pest problems
  6. Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces; consider a rain garden to capture runoff
  7. Wash your car on the lawn or take it to a car wash instead of washing it on a paved driveway
  8. Check your car for leaks and recycle your motor oil
  9. Pick up after your pet
  10. Have your septic tank pumped and inspected regularly

Carroll County Public Outreach Publications


The Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), in partnership with the Carroll County Water Resource Coordination Council and Carroll County Planning & Land Management staff, periodically sponsors a public workshop designed to equip Carroll County homeowners and/or businesses with knowledge of how to minimize Stormwater runoff from and prevent Stormwater pollution.