Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming

As Carroll County continues to grow and our roads become more congested, anxious drivers begin to seek alternate routes by using local streets. These motorists, who are usually in a hurry, may drive at excessive speeds, jeopardizing the safety and livability of our neighborhoods. Local residents may also drive faster on their local streets because they feel familiar and comfortable. Aggressive driving and a diminished respect for other drivers, pedestrians, traffic control devices, and general “rules of the road” are also commonplace. Residents often seek measures to return their streets to safe, calm, and livable conditions. The specific measures used to address excessive speed and unnecessary through traffic are known as traffic calming.

The County has developed this Policy to give residents an opportunity to raise neighborhood traffic concerns and to participate in the selection of strategies that promote safe conditions for residents, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in the neighborhood, through a structured process.

Residents concerned by traffic speed and safety on their neighborhood streets can request traffic calming measures. Download the Policy on Traffic Calming (PDF without photographs), Appendix 1(PDF of petition form), Appendix 3 (PDF of photographs) by clicking on the links, email or call 410-386-2157 for more information.

"What is traffic calming? "

According to the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), traffic calming is "the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users". Traffic calming strategies consist of a variety of techniques to alter routes, driving habits, operational characteristics, and even modes of travel within residential areas.