ADT - Average daily traffic – The number of vehicles flowing in both directions along a particular segment of roadway during an average 24-hour period.
Average Speed - The sum of all speeds divided by the sum of all vehicles recorded.
County – The Board of County Commissioners of Carroll County and the Department of Public Works.
Functional Classification – The process by which streets and highways are grouped into classes, or systems, according to the character of service they are intended to provide.
Local Street - Streets whose basic function is access to adjacent properties.
Minor Collector Streets - Streets whose basic function is to collect side-street local driveway volumes. They usually are entirely within subdivisions but often connect immediately adjacent subdivisions. They may or may not also have direct driveway access themselves.
MPH – Miles per hour.
MUTCD – Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 2003 edition, including any and all revisions and/or errata.
Neighborhood Traffic Committee - A committee that will provide focus to the traffic calming process and provide a link between the neighborhood and the County. The role of the committee is to identify goals, review traffic issues, and participate in preparing and promoting an acceptable traffic calming plan. The committee will be comprised of neighborhood residents identified by the Homeowners’ Association and/or the County. Typically the committee will consist of seven to nine members.
VPD - Vehicles per day.
85th Percentile Speed - The speed at which 85% of the vehicles are traveling at or below. It is recognized by the engineering and law enforcement communities to be that speed, and less, that the "reasonable majority" of motorists travel at for the given conditions. Fifteen out of 100 are considered to be "unreasonably" speeding. It is these 15% that are usually targeted for enforcement.