The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations require a Use and Occupancy Certificate for certain licensed businesses such as Day Cares and Hair Salons. In order to receive a Use and Occupancy, follow these simple steps:

  • Option 1: If construction or alteration is being performed, a building permit/zoning application is required along with the required documents as outlined in the commercial application and plans checklist. All required work shall be performed and the appropriate inspections requested and approved in order to issue the Use and Occupancy Certificate.
  • Option 2: For existing businesses where no work is being performed and a change of business name or license holder is occurring, a building permit/zoning application and owner/contractor affidavit is also required; however, no plans are needed. Once the building permit is approved, final building, fire, electrical and plumbing inspections shall be scheduled and approved in order to receive a Use and Occupancy Certificate


Option 1: Please see Row J of the building permit fee schedule and, if applicable, see Row I of the electrical permit fee schedule and/or Row H of the plumbing permit fee schedule.

Option 2: Please see Row M of the building permit fee schedule.