Executive Order 13166

Executive Order 13166 “Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency,'' reprinted at 65 FR 50121 (August 16, 2000), directs each Federal agency that is subject to the requirements of Title VI to publish guidance for its respective recipients clarifying that obligation. Executive Order 13166 further directs that all such guidance documents be consistent with the compliance standards and framework detailed in the Department of Justice's (DOJ's) Policy Guidance entitled “Enforcement of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964‐‐National Origin Discrimination Against Persons with Limited English Proficiency.'' (See 65 FR 50123, August 16, 2000 DOJ's General LEP Guidance).

Executive Order 13166 applies to all federal agencies and all programs and operations of entities that receive funding from the federal government, including state agencies, local agencies and governments, private and non‐profit entities, and subrecipients.

Carroll County follows Executive Order 13166 in identifying and engaging Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations to ensure their involvement and knowledge of projects in and around their communities. Different treatment based upon a person’s inability to speak, read, write, or understand English may be a type of national origin discrimination.

  1. Plan Summary

Carroll County’s Limited English Proficiency Plan has been developed to help identify reasonable steps to provide language assistance for persons seeking services or seeking to participate in programs as required by Executive Order 13166.

To identify and assess the frequency and resources required to meet the needs of residents with Limited English Proficiency, Carroll County employs the use of the four-factor analysis.

  1. Four-Factor Analysis

Factor 1. The number and proportion of LEP persons residing within the County.

Carroll County’s population estimates from the American Community Survey (2021) provided by the U.S. Census Bureau estimate its total population at 164,835 (5 years or older). Of those, 155,146 (94%) speak only English and 162,092 (98%) speak English only or speak English very well; 9,689 (6%) speak a language other than English at home; and 2,743 (2%) speak English less than “very well”. 

In Carroll County, according to census data, Spanish speaking persons represent the largest segment of our LEP population at 2% of the total population or 3,304 persons. Within this group, 1,116 or 34% speak English less than “very well”.

Given this information, Carroll County recognizes that relatively small portions of its population are LEP speakers.  Language assistance is available upon request.

Factor 2. The frequency with which LEP persons come into contact with County services and programs.

Carroll County has not received a high number of requests for translation or interpretation of its programs, services or activities into Spanish or any other language.

Factor 3. The nature and importance of the program, activity, or service provided by Carroll County.

Carroll County believes all citizens should be able to access its Title VI policy. Title VI posters in English and Spanish have been distributed to all departments and are available on the County website and by request.

Factor 4. LEP services.

Carroll County’s policy for engaging individuals with Limited English Proficiency includes the provision of translation services to individuals upon request if reasonable accommodations can be made. In addition, the County proactively identifies communities with high concentrations of LEP persons and employs tactics and strategies to effectively engage them in the planning process. The County trains staff to recognize individuals in community meetings and forums who may show difficulty or inability to read or write English, and to assist them accordingly.

To date, the utilization of bi-lingual employees has successfully provided assistance where staff has identified a need. Carroll County has contracts for interpretation and translation services with instructions for how staff can access this service to meet LEP needs within the community.  County funds are made available to staff to access these services when needed.  Costs of translators and/or interpreters are built into departmental budgets if there is a need for language services.

  1. Carroll County’s LEP Plan

        a. Implementing Language Assistance Measures

  • Carroll County takes a proactive approach in identifying LEP communities and will continue to host meetings in close proximity to these communities as appropriate.
  • Staff will examine requests for language assistance from past meetings and events to anticipate the potential need for assistance at upcoming
  • Carroll County remains committed to providing oral and written translation services upon
  • Carroll County will maintain an active list of interpreters and translators to accommodate LEP individuals.
  • Staff will respond to requests made in advance for language assistance at public meetings.
  • All projects falling within a county LEP area are reviewed on a case-by-case If the nature and importance of the program, activity, and service is deemed significant then the County and all entities conducting business on our behalf will follow the same LEP guidelines.
  • Staff will maintain a stream of communication with LEP community
  1. Requesting Language Assistance Services

Any individuals who wish to request oral or written translation services may contact the Carroll County agency or division responsible for the program or service.

  1. Staff Training

All Carroll County staff will be provided with access to the LEP plan and will be educated on procedures     and services available including:

  • Understanding the Title VI LEP responsibilities
  • What language assistance services Carroll County offers
  • How to identify LEP individuals in public meetings
  • How to access an interpreter
  • Documentation of language assistance requests
  • How to handle a complaint
  1. Monitoring and Updating the LEP Plan

This plan is dynamic and may be updated as more effective means of communication are developed.  

  1. Dissemination of the LEP Plan

The County will post the LEP Plan on its website at www.carrollcountymd.gov

Any person, including social service, non‐profit, law enforcement agencies and other community members with internet access will be able to access the plan. For those without personal internet service, all county libraries offer free internet access. A hard copy of the LEP Plan will be provided to any person or agency upon request. Persons with Limited English Proficiency may also obtain translations of this plan upon request.

  1. Additional Resources:

If additional help is needed, or if there are any questions or comments regarding this plan contact:

Carroll County Department of Citizen Services
Attention: Director/ADA Coordinator
10 Distillery Drive
Westminster, Maryland 21157

Email:  ADA@carrollcountymd.gov
Phone:  410-386-3600

MD Relay – TTY: 711 or 800-735-2258