The purpose of this policy is to protect against the theft of water from the County's distribution system. The increase in residence and commercial growth has resulted in the theft of water through various means by contractors, subcontractors, lawn maintenance personnel, and others.

1. Upon complaint of possible water theft, the County Sheriff or municipal police department shall investigate and file a formal report with the Carroll County Bureau of
Utilities ("the Bureau"). Any devices, tanks or tools used to illegally remove water from the County system should be confiscated.
2. Based upon the report of the police department or citizen, the Bureau shall begin a formal assessment to determine if damages have result d based on the theft of water and tampering of the Hydrant.
3. Civil Penalties for tampering with and/or damaging a meter or theft of water shall be up to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for each incident and must be paid within
fifteen (15) days of issuance of an invoice by the Bureau.
4. In addition to the penalties for tampering, the offending company or person will be billed for all water estimated by the Bureau to have been potentially withdrawn
from the County system. The minimum estimate will be one thousand (1,000) gallons. Any staff time directly or indirectly utilized in investigating the incident will also be
incorporated into the estimate.
5. The Bureau reserves the right to pursue criminal charges pursuant to Carroll County Code of Public Local Laws· and Ordinances Sec. 179-12 where warranted in
addition to civil fines and actual costs associated with the theft and the Bureau will pursue criminal charges if civil fines or damages assessed by the Bureau are not paid
within fifteen (15) days of invoice.
6. The Bureau upon investigation may determine to cancel the water service of an offending contractor after a repeated violation or a threat to public health or safety.