The Bureau of Facilities is the general contractor of the County, overseeing more than 40 main building complexes and other related structures and over 6,000 acres within the County. The Bureau consists of a professional staff with a wide range of skills. Full-service maintenance is provided by a professional workforce skilled in air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping and other trades. Custodial services are provided by private contractors with the exception of the County Office Building where we have our own experienced team.

The Bureau takes on a wide range of responsibilities including general maintenance, major repairs and replacements of assets throughout the Counties building infrastructure. Minor renovation projects are also performed. We take pride in ensuring the users of each site have a safe and productive experience while working in or visiting a county property for business or pleasure.

The County currently has an Energy Performance Contract. This contract will provide an overall approach to improve the infrastructure of the County's facilities, along with reducing both energy and operational expenditures.