Member Expiration Date
Mr. Brian Gass, Carroll County Department of Juvenile Services Mandated
Ms. Katherine D. Green, Carroll County Public Schools  Mandated
Ms. Vicky Keller, Carroll County Department of Social Services Mandated
Ms. Marie Liddick, Local Behavioral Health Authority   Mandated
Ms. Sue Doyle, Carroll County Health Department Mandated
Ms. Celene Steckel, Carroll County Department of Citizen Services Mandated
Ms. Nicole Jackman, Springboard Community Services of Carroll County
June 30, 2024
Ms. Amy L. Jagoda, Carroll County Public Schools August 31, 2023
Ms. Maria Buckley, Division of Rehabilitation Services  
Ms. Christina Ogle, Westminster Public Library and Chair of the Local Management Board September 30, 2023
Ms. Mallory Sutphin, Carroll County Youth Service Bureau  
Ms. Heather Powell, Carroll County Workforce Development October 25, 2024
Mr. Javier Toro, Carroll County Department of Citizen Services
June 30, 2024
Mr. Scott Yard, Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. June 30, 2024



Local Management Board
10 Distillery Drive, Suite 101
Westminster, Maryland  21157
           410-386-3600  (Office)           

Updated 3/31/2023 GKZ