The Youth Homelessness Subcommittee:

  • Was officially created in November 2021 during the Circle of Caring Homelessness Board's update to their Governance and Policy Statements.
  • Is a subcommittee of and informs the Carroll County Continuum of Care.
  • Works to improve services for youth experiencing homelessness with an ultimate goal of preventing and ending youth homelessness in Carroll County.
  • Meets on the second Wednesday of every month from 10:00 am - 11:00 am. Meetings are currently virtual. (The January, April, July, and October meetings are reserved for the Connecting Youth Coordinating Council.)

Subcommittee Goals:

  1. Establish a Committee/Platform – Hold regular meetings with formal agendas and a set membership. Provide reports as needed to the Carroll County Continuum of Care and Circle of Caring Homelessness Board.
  2. Complete Resource and Gap Mapping – Identify services, partnerships, and areas for improvement related to youth homelessness.  Identify remaining gaps.
  3. Streamline and Synthesize Data Collection and Analysis – Analyze and synthesize Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)/Community ServicePoint data, Youth REACH data, and program-specific data. Use this data to secure more funding for additional programs and services.
  4. Ensure Youth Engagement – Intentionally engage youth in our work and in partnership with them create a Youth Action Board/Network.
  5. Incorporate Best Practices – Ensure best practices are used in agencies' individual work and in the Subcommittee's collective work.

Institutions Involved in the Subcommittee:

  • Local Agencies & Government Entities: Local Management Board, Bureau of Housing, Carroll County Workforce Development, Carroll County Grants Office, Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services, Family Law Administration, Carroll County Public Libraries
  • Non-/Not-for-Profit Organizations: Together We Own It, Carroll County Youth Service Bureau, Human Services of Carroll County, Inc., Carroll County Community Mediation Center, Schapiro Training and Employment Program/Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc., Potomac Case Management Services
  • Educational Institutions: Carroll County Public Schools, Carroll Community College

If you're interested in joining the Youth Homelessness Subcommittee, contact Gabby Zelaya, Manager of the Local Management Board: or 410-386-3614