What is CTS? CTS provides door-to-door transportation to Carroll County residents traveling within the county. CTS also offers TrailBlazer, a fixed route service with 6 routes.

What is door-to door transportation? Door-to-door simply means we will pick you up and drop you off as close to the door as possible. There may be situations where that is not possible, such as long driveways with no room to turn around or busy streets where cars are parked in front of the door. You may also hear the term, “Demand Response”- that is just a technical term for door-to-door.

How can I use the CTS door-to-door service? Simple! Just call our office at 410-386-5550 to speak with a scheduler. They will collect basic information from you and schedule a ride for you. Be prepared with information pertaining to your trip such as an address and appointment time.

What is fixed route service? Fixed route service is just like it sounds- a route that has fixed stops and times. The fixed routes are run by our TrailBlazer buses which are blue so they stand out from our regular CTS buses. There are currently three routes in the Westminster area, one in Taneytown and two in Hampstead/Manchester. All routes connect to one another for easy transfer. You can check out the schedules for designated stops and times as well as find information on deviations.

What are deviations? Deviations are stops that can be scheduled on the TrailBlazer with at least 3 hours advanced notice. For example, the Westminster Black TrailBlazer stops at Giant Food store. If you wish to go to the Town Mall, which is not on the list, you can schedule the bus to deviate from Giant Food store to the Town Mall for an additional fee. The deviated stop must be within ¾ of a mile from a posted stop.

Do I need to call to reserve a ride on the TrailBlazer? No! Simply follow the schedule, show up at the designated stop at the designated time and we will pick you up. Of course, if you plan to schedule a deviation, that must be called in with at least three hours’ notice.

Who can use CTS?  Everyone can use CTS for any reason. Really, any reason! Employment, shopping, school, medical appointments, hair appointments- we go there!

Can I bring my groceries on the bus with me? Yes. However, we must make sure we have seats for other riders and that bags are secured to keep everyone on the bus safe. So, there is a limit of four bags on CTS buses and two bags on TrailBlazer buses.

What is the cost to ride and how do I pay? Fares for CTS are based on mileage. Fares start at $4 one way with the highest fare being $9 one way. Call our office to find out how much your specific trip will be! Fares for TrailBlazer are $2 each time you board the bus or $1 if you are a senior citizen or person with disability. A deviation will be an additional $1 to your fare. You may pay the driver in cash or tickets when you board the vehicle (exact fare only- no change will be given) or you can call our office to pay over the phone in advance. There is a $10 minimum on all credit card transactions and a 3.95% processing fee.