Each of our volunteer recreation councils has nominated a “Volunteer of the Year” for 2023. Below, click on each volunteer to learn about each Volunteer of the Year and read about their many contributions. We, along with their recreation councils, thank them for their many contributions and accomplishments. To the award winners:  what you have done is truly special and made an impact on your community. While you are one from your council, we know you are among many and we recognize and honor your accomplishments and by association, those who serve alongside you.

In addition, 2023 marks the seventh year of inductees in the Carroll County Recreation and Parks Volunteer Hall of Fame. To be considered for this honor, volunteers must have served at least twenty (20) years and made significant contributions resulting in a lasting impact over time. This year’s class includes Buddy Brown, Carolyn Garber, and Lona Greensfelder.  These folks are the best of the best and hold a special place in our history and hearts. Congratulations to these great volunteers who have helped shape and contribute to our department’s success for many years.

Congratulations to our 2023 Volunteers of the Year and our Volunteer Hall of Fame Inductees!


Volunteer Hall of Fame 2023 Inductees

Buddy Brown

Recognizing exceptional dedication and commitment since 1998, Buddy has been a steadfast pillar to the Winfield Recreation Councils community, contributing in numerous ways. From coaching soccer and volunteering with football, to playing a crucial role in field maintenance, repairs, and improvements, Buddy has consistently demonstrated unwavering support. His dedication extends beyond the playing fields, as he has been actively involved with the council’s board since the early 2000’s. Perhaps one of his most significant contributions is his instrumental role in forming the Carroll County Football & Cheerleading League. Buddy firmly believes that every decision made must be in the best inters of the kids, a principle that had united us all. His profound dedication and selfless commitment to our community and its youth serves the highest recognition and appreciation. In recognition of Buddy’s remarkable service, dedication, and lasting impact he made to the Winfield Recreation Council, we proudly induct him into the 2023 Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Carolyn Garber

In 1985, Carolyn started her volunteer journey with the Carroll County Equestrian Council, which has spanned decades. Additionally, she volunteered with both Bear Branch and Piney Run’s Recreation Council and was a member of the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board from 1994-2000, and again from 2013 to 2020.

One of Carolyn’s most notable achievements was the coordination of the first National Trails Day event in 1993, an event that garnered national attention. This momentous occasion not only placed the Carroll County Equestrian Council on the map, but also earned the prestigious “Trial for Tomorrow” award, an honor bestowed upon only 10 organizations nationwide. Carolyn’s relentless efforts have continued throughout the years, as she coordinated trail workdays on National Trails Day for an astounding 30 years, marking an incredible milestone in 2023. In addition, she has advocated for safe, accessible multi-use trails, ensuring everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Carroll County.

In recognition of her decades of service, her outstanding achievements in preserving our natural heritages, and pursuit of creating accessible and safe trail opportunities for all, we are proud to induct Carolyn Garber into the 2023 Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Lona Greensfelder

Lona has been a cornerstone of the Central Carroll Recreation Council since the early 2000’s, where she began her journey as the Treasurer and a dedicated board member. Her journey began even before our merger, as she was actively involved with the Deer Park Recreation Council. What set’s Lona apart is her unparalleled commitment. Even long after her children left the programs, she continued to lend her time, energy, and expertise to support the recreation council. Her involvement with the soccer program, and willingness to go above and beyond, have had a profound influence on the growth of the council. In recognition of Lona’s remarkable service, dedication, and lasting impact she has made to Central Carroll Recreation Council, we proudly induct her into the 2023 Volunteer Hall of Fame.


Volunteers of the Year 2023

Click on the images to learn more about the 2023 Volunteers of the Year.

Joseph J. Dragan
Carroll County Equestrian Council
Rex O'Connor
Central Carroll Recreation Council
Kyle Hale
Charles Carroll Recreation Council
Craig Hohlbein
Freedom Area Recreation Council
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Piper
North Carroll Recreation Council
Paul Lewis
Westminster Area Recreation Council
Stephanie Wood Clavell
West Carroll Recreation Council
Chris Curlett
Winfield Recreation Council
Kerry Duvall
Woodbine Recreation Council
Ken Harris and Jason Irla
Hashawha/Bear Branch
Advisory Council
Carol Demarzo
Piney Run Recreation &
Conservation Council
Joann Barr
Carroll County Arts Council
Mike Washington
Friends of South Carroll Dog Park
Bob, Alison, and Bobby Lord
Department of Recreation and Parks