The Adult Public Guardianship program exists to safeguard the welfare of persons with disabilities. Public guardianship is a legal procedure in which the court determines if a person’s ability to make health and safety decisions for themselves is significantly impaired by disease, accident or disability. If so, the court will appoint a guardian to act as a substitute decision-maker. Public guardianship in Maryland is administered by local Departments of Social Services for those aged 18-64, and the Department of Aging for those aged 65+. Public guardianship is a situation of last resort when there are no family members, friends and loved ones to serve in this capacity.

There are two types of adult guardianship:

  • A guardian of the person is authorized by the court to make decisions for the disabled person about their health care, shelter, or other daily needs.
  • A guardian of the property is a person or agency appointed by the court to manage the property of a disabled person. A public agency may not be the guardian of the property.


Ms. Shannon Hammond Attorney January 1, 2024
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