The County Commissioners of Carroll County are authorized to provide for the registration of electricians proposing to engage in the electrical business in Carroll County.  The authority for the appointment of the Board is found in Section 3-701 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Chapter 170.18(1) sub-section 95-11 of The Code of Public Local Laws and Ordinances.  The County Commissioners adopted the rules and regulations pertaining to the registration requirements for all persons, firms, or corporations engaged in electrical work in Chapter 170 of the Code of Public Local Laws and Ordinances.

Mr. Duanne A. Brosenne      August 31, 2026   2nd Term
Mr. David M. Coppersmith       August 31, 2025    2nd Term
Mr. William D. Leppert     August 31, 2028    2nd Term
Mr. Darrell Zepp August 31, 2027     1st Term      
Mr. Douglas R. Sullivan     August 31, 2024     2nd Term


Thomas Harris, Deputy Building Official
Lamar Rambo Chief Electrical Inspector


Deanne Coakley
Department of Permits & Inspections
225 N. Center Street
Westminster, Maryland  21157
410-386-2104 (Office) 


Any person, firm, or corporation may appeal a decision of Carroll­ County in the refusal of a license; such appeal shall be filed in writing to the County Commissioners of Carroll County within 30 days of the date of refusal stating the grounds there­of.  The appeal will be considered by a Board of Arbitration consisting of one person selected by the person appealing, one person selected by Carroll County knowledgeable in the electrical business, and one person from a list of qualified arbitrators recommended by the Carroll County Electrical Board.        

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