The Carroll Workforce Development Board (CWDB) is comprised of representatives and leaders from local area businesses and workforce partners in Carroll County. The CWDB’s primary responsibility is to provide guidance and oversight to the local workforce development system through the Carroll County Business and Employment Resource Center (BERC). The formation of this Workforce Development Board is authorized by Sec. 107 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and is subject to the provisions of the Act.

Denise Beaver
June 30, 2024  Economic Development- 1st Term
Steven Berry June 30, 2024 Community College- 1st Term
Anita Hamond June 30, 2024 Business/Healthcare- 1st Term
Matthew LeFaivre June 30, 2023 Business/Construction
Michael McHale June 30, 2024 Union
Haresh Raithatha- Vice Chair June 30, 2024 Business/Manufacturing
Suzanne Dyer-Gear June 30, 2024  Business/Retirement Community
Karen Bernard June 30, 2024 Maryland Dept. of Social Services
Chris Abell June 30, 2025 Business/Nonprofit
Bryan Zuber June 30, 2024  Business/Hospitality
Zachary Tomlin- Chair June 30, 2023  Business/Information Technology
William Eckles June 30, 2024 Carroll County Public Schools
Dr. Brandon Sweitzer, PhD June 30, 2025 Business/Higher Education Professional Services
Matthew Franzén June 30, 2025 Business/Hospitality
Sharon Plump June 30, 2024  MSDE Division of Rehabilitation Services
Julie Givens June 30, 2024  MD DOL Wagner-Peyser
Brady Chapman June 30, 2023  Business/Distribution

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