Westminster, MD, Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - The Carroll County Department of Public Works Bureau of Roads Operations (ROADS) is busy planning and preparing for the management of winter operations to ensure the excellent service level that customers expect from Carroll County.

ROADS winter preparations began in October with an annual Winter Weather Coordination Meeting, bringing city, town, state, and public safety partners together to discuss preparations for the challenges of inclement weather.

ROADS is ready to treat county roads with 80 pieces of snow and ice equipment, a stockpile of 13,000 tons of salt, and the 31,000 gallons of liquid salt brine. Salt brine is a water solution of 23% salt sprayed before a storm, if conditions warrant. It prevents snow from bonding to pavement, reduces the overall amount of material needed to treat county roads, and aids overall snow removal operations. Salt brine is produced in-house by ROADS at a substantial cost savings.

ROADS has 85 team members dedicated to clearing roads during winter weather events. As storms approach, staff closely monitors professional meteorological forecasts to determine the best course of action. The team is prepared to keep roads clear; however, due to the nationwide personnel shortage, routes may take longer to treat than previous years. Regardless, ROADS’ top priorities remain the safety of the traveling public and accessibility to Carroll County’s 1000 miles of roadway. During major winter storms, 24 contractors, with 24 pieces of snow removal equipment and various types of larger equipment, are on standby ready to assist in around-the-clock operations.

Other important notes:

Stormwater maintenance is also a key component of ROADS winter preparations. Clearing debris from roadside drainage and culverts keeps pollutants out of waterways and minimizes ponding which enhances safety and prolongs road integrity.

A friendly reminder to everyone to please not clear driveways into the roadways.

If you must go out, please remember to drive safely as some plowed roads are narrow and have low visibility with snow piled on either side, especially at intersections.  Watch out for pedestrians walking along the roadways and children enjoying the snow.

If your mailbox is damaged during the plowing operations, please call ROADS at 410-386-6717 or submit a request to See Click Report on the county’s website to request repair/replacement of the mailbox.

The county thanks all our customers for their patience and understanding as crews work our way through this year’s events. 

See tomorrow’s release about winter driving tips.