Westminster, MD, Tuesday, September 20, 2022 – Carroll County is accepting new members for the Environmental Advisory Council and the Monocacy River Board. Citizen participation is critical to the success of local government and Carroll County Government needs residents’ skills, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas. Advantages to joining include making a difference in your community, helping facilitate positive change, gaining new skills, making great connections, and learning more about how local government works.

The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) is dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the county's environmental management responsibilities, to providing the Commissioners with educated advice that is in the best interest of the county and the county's residents, and to promoting environmental education.  The EAC functions at the direction of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and, as such, works cooperatively with county environmental staff to research environmental policy issues; advise the Board of County Commissioners; foster environmental education, and generally to act in the best interest of county residents by promoting effective environmental protection and management principles.  For more information about the EAC, please visit the EAC’s website at https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/EAC or contact Brenda Dinne, EAC Secretary, at bdinne@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-2140.

The Monocacy River Board advocates for the Monocacy River, its watershed, and the varied resources contained within. The Board is charged with promoting best management practices, advocating for sustainable land uses, and encouraging the restoration and enhancement of the natural resources within the Monocacy River Watershed.  This mission is accomplished through public education, voluntary participation, and encouraging multi-jurisdictional partnerships that will maintain and improve the river’s water quality and ecological health while respecting the property rights of landowners within the watershed.  For more information about the Monocacy River Board, please visit the webpage at https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/boards-commissions/carroll-county-monocacy-river-board/ or contact Byron Madigan at bmadigan@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-2140.

Residents can apply online at https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/boards-commissions/ or contact the Boards & Commissions Coordinator at volunteerboards@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-2043.