Westminster, MD, Tuesday, September 20, 2022 –September is the Carroll County, Maryland and National Preparedness Month. To stress the importance of the topic, the county is releasing important emergency readiness information each week in September. Today’s topic is Are You Ready?, Carroll County’s Citizens’ Emergency Preparedness Guide. The Ready Guide is a digital and paper resource for understanding the different threats that residents in and around Carroll County may encounter. The guide provides tips and information on what to do in preparedness for, in response to, and following emergencies, such as severe weather events and power outages. Residents are encouraged to download a copy of the Ready Guide online at the county’s webpage or find the Ready Guide at one of Carroll County’s local libraries.

Along with tips and information for preparing for and responding to emergencies, the Ready Guide offers a variety of tools to help build a preparedness kit, make an emergency plan, sign up for emergency alerts, and more.

Several online sources providing good emergency preparedness information include:

  1. Maryland Department of Emergency Management (MDEM): http://mdem.maryland.gov
  2. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): http://www.ready.gov

Additional information can also be found on the Carroll County Emergency Management website.