Westminster, MD, Friday, September 23, 2022 – Carroll is seeing an increase of yard signs placed around the county. Regardless of the purpose:  political, candidate, yard sales, businesses or others; all are subject to regulations regarding sign location and size. As a result, residents and businesses should know where signs are permitted before posting them on property. See the *County and **State laws below.

Regarding Carroll County:  signs are prohibited in the right of way on any road and in county parks. In general, signs are restricted and can be removed by the county if the signs:

  1. Are located on county property, including parks, outside buildings, circles, medians and right-of-ways.
  2. Are impairing site distance
  3. Are placed without property owner approval and the property owner complains.


*Carroll County:  § 158.110  APPLICABILITY and § 158.111  SIGNS PERMITTED WITHOUT ZONING CERTIFICATE (h) Signs Permitted without a Zoning Certificate, exempts political signs from the Zoning Certificate requirement. § 158.113 ( f) General regulations, however, prohibit signs located on the right-of-way for any road.  § 94.097 prohibits signs in county parks.

**State of Maryland:  The State of Maryland also has regulations on sign placement.  Political signs are not permitted on state-maintained roads. Maryland Code has specific restrictions to display candidate or political signs.  State of Maryland Department of Transportation also has restrictions on placement of roads signs, please see the MDOT site for more information on signs and FAQs.