Westminster, MD, August 16, 2022 – In response to HUD’s release of the Continuum of Care (CoC) application, the Carroll County Circle of Caring Homelessness Board is inviting applications from new or existing CoC agencies to provide housing for homeless populations in Carroll County, Maryland. Agencies may apply for the renewal of existing CoC projects, may propose a reallocation of an existing project or may propose a new project or expansion of an existing project. The CoC has $20,687 available for an eligible new or expansion bonus project, and $134,813 available for an eligible new or expansion Permanent Supportive Housing Project. In addition, the CoC has $50,000 available for a new eligible project serving victims of domestic violence. Eligible applicants will demonstrate a history of successful management of housing programs for the homeless and the capacity to provide or arrange for services for homeless populations. All applications will be scored using the 2022 Continuum of Care Rank and Review Policy posted at:

To review Continuum of Care requirements, including eligible programs and applicants, go to:https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/e-snaps/fy-2022-coc-program-nofa-coc-program-competition/

Important Dates - Carroll County CoC

8/16/2022 Notice of CoC NOFO and scoring criteria publicly posted and distributed to Circle  
8/26/2022 LOIs due from interested Agencies
8/26/2022 Ranking Tool Sent to Agencies submitting LOI
8/30/2022 All Project Applications due via PDF
9/8/2022   Written notice sent to successful and unsuccessful applicants
9/16/2022 Final Project Applications submitted via Esnaps
9/22/2022 Board of Carroll County Commissioner Approval
9/30/2022 CoC Application Due

Contact for LOIs, Applications and Questions
Debby Standiford
225 N. Center Street
Westminster, MD 21157